A luxury personalized armchair.


A luxury (make to order) armchair, in the shape of a pet.

'Petsofa' started in England and has been created from extensive research and tested with materials of all shapes and models, making it a unique piece of art armchair that provides security for children and parents.

Every 'Petsofa' comes with a birth certificate (client gives a name) and a bone shaped cushion.

In hospitals, the 'Petsofa' can be used to ease the stress of children in treatment.

In nurseries 'Petsofa' can be the faithful companion of the children at play and snack time, serving as support for the child to rest comfortably.

At pet-shops, it can be used as a pet companion. or as a furniture.

'Petsofa'. is the closest to a real dog in a children's room, serving as decoration, and at the same time companion. 'Petsofa ' does not need to be taken for a walk or fed, it is just there to be enjoyed


manufactured by hand, with luxury synthetic fur and leather, and high-quality sustainable wood.

Waiting time: 3-4 weeks after the customer's order is received.

'Petsofa' is an armchair in a shape of pet, created and made in England.

"Petsofa we create you name it ".